8 blogs actors should know about.

You have the power to create your reality.

Stay informed on the latest news regarding your industry. You can follow large publications, but the most interesting bits are in the blogs.

In The Los Angeles Method we believe that you are the writer, director and star of your own movie- your life. So if you can not find the ideal job, create it yourself. Act on your life.

Brent Rose is a perfect example to prove this theory right.

1. 50in50. wordpress.com

You can check out his blog here and be inspired.

2. Backstage Blog

You can find tips on monologues to performances to who are the best Broadway personalities on Twitter.

3. Broadway Stars

If you are interested in Broadway shows, this is the blog to follow.

4. Daily Actor

If you need help in promoting and marketing yourself, check out this blog created by LA based performer.

5. Cliff Osmond

Insights on acting by  Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences, SAG and AFTRA member Cliff Osmond.

6. The 1 second Film

An inspirational and powerful production journal of a director, Nirvan.

7. Actor Expo 

You can find tips, resources, network and more.

8. Argentum

Information on headshot, news and more.

What is your favourite acting blog?

Please share.

Enjoy blogging!



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