Meet the Actors | Chandler Bullock

Chandler Bullock | Presenter- Chorus

Chandler Bullock started acting before he even knew what it was. It was his love for playing and embodying different characters that got him into consciously acting at the age of 16. He’s been hooked ever since.
He now has 12 years of acting experience. He has performed in plays such as Footloose, Bug, and Frankenstein for experienced, am-dram companies. His film credits include an array of short films, music videos, a mini-series entitled North (about students in the North of the Netherlands), and two feature films: Vigilance (TCF, 2014) and Time Will Tell (High Concept Films, 2016).

Chandler also provides professional voice work for educational programs, corporate commercials, television commercials, and animation.

His passion for play and storytelling has also lead him to study at the University of Groningen, where he is currently working on a Research Master’s in Literary and Cultural Studies.

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