Meet the crew | Katerina Papanikolaou

Katerina Papanikolaou | Costume Designer

Katerina completed her designing studied in Athens and London in 1999 and has been working ever since designing costumes for theatre productions, tv series, films, tv shows, operas and more.

Her work has appeared at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles as well as most of the main stages in Greece, including the National Theatre in Greece, the Athens Music Hall, the Contemporary Theatre and Epidaurus. She “dressed” actors in plays like “The imaginary invalid” by Moliere, “Absurd person singular” by Alan Ayckbourn, “November” by David Mamet, “Electra” by Sophocles and many more.In her 16 year old career she has collaborated with international acclaimed costume and set designers, like Dionisis Fotopoulos (who collaborated with Peter Stein and Peter Hall).

She counts more than 15 films and tv series, including designing costumes for the Greek syndication of the acclaimed tv show “the Nanny” by Fran Drescher.




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