Meet the actors | Anna Papagiannaki Divani

Anna Papagiannaki Divani | Chorus- Singer

Anna Papagiannaki Divani is a Greek-born musicologist, mezzo soprano and vocal coacher based in The Netherlands. Her passion on the research and the performance of the singing voice is mainly focused on the repertoire of the Renaissance and the Baroque. Her musical studies, including Historical Musicology (BA, MA, School of Fine Arts, AUTh, GR), Baroque Singing Performance (MA, University of York, UK) and numerous master-classes with vocal performers such as Emma Kirkby, Robert Hollingworth, Richard Jackson, Sarah Connolly,     Aris Christofellis et al., are specialized in early music. She has collaborated with early music ensembles, composers, opera houses, museums and festivals in Greece, Hungary and the UK designing research-based performances and educational programmes. This is her first collaboration with The International Theatre in English.

''Antigone'' (2015) - 6


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