Meet the actors | Elisha Moore

Elisha Moore | Chorus- Flight Attendant

Elisha Moore is an Australian performer residing since 2015 in the Netherlands. A native Melbournian, she has studied a diploma of Theatre Arts at Swinburne University as well as studied intensive courses and workshops at the Victorian College of the Arts. Elisha has combined her love of performance and travel to work with villagers in developing countries. She was also an avid member of the Melbourne based Hip Cat Circus; teaching youth acrobatics and specialising in Tissue (Ariel Silks). Currently, Elisha is exploring new creative avenues arts in the Netherlands. Since being in the Netherlands she has participated in Theodora Voutsa’s Los Angeles Method- Acting and Personal Development workshop as well as working with the Movement Academy OT301 taking part in Classes, workshops and Performing a Tissue/Dance Solo in there mid year show. Elisha is excited to be apart of the Antigone show and looks forward to developing her acting skills.


Elisha-132 BIG.jpg


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