Meet the actors |Vasiliki Koutrouli

Vasiliki Koutrouli | Primordial Antigone

Vasiliki Koutrouli is enjoying “Antigone”, her second collaboration with the International Theatre in English after the production of “Oedipus Rex” in Amsterdam. Vasiliki is a theatre actress/performance artist from Athens/ Greece, currently based in Eindhoven/The Netherlands. She studied theatre in the University of Athens and she has followed a numerous of acting workshops/trainings in Athens, Italy & the Netherlands. She first appeared on stage with the Modern Greek theatrical play “Courtyard of Miracles” directed by Kitty Arsenis in 1994. Since then she went on joining many groups performing various plays including, ‘The Caucasian Chalk Circle,’ ‘With Power From Kifissia,’ and ‘The Cherry Orchard,’, “Lysistrata” among others. Vasiliki is a founding member of “Cure Inter Actors” a research performing group about the impact of art in social life. She is an advanced cook and in her free time she enjoys sharing her passion with other people.

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