Meet the actors | Leon van Waas

Leon van Waas | Chorus


Leon was born in a very small village in the North of Holland where as a child he spent timeless hours reading books, and with his discovered ability of being capable to sensitively empathize, Leon visualized himself into the characters, because instinctively he had found his way to transform into the imaginary world of story telling and from that moment on, he followed his trail that slowly but surely led him into the incredible and astonishing world of acting.

His first International assignment came with the start of his acting career when he was offered to play a role in a Swiss chocolate commercial, then Black Book by Paul Verhoeven, followed by a success story on the Dutch talkshow called ‘Jensen’ resulting with the One in a Million dream opportunity to be asked by a Los Angeles based filmmaker to come on over and spent 3 months in California to shoot a feature film where Leon played the CIA Deputy Director, which will be screened in April 2016. Also Leon got offered a role next to Dakota Fanning, Guy Pearce and Paul Anderson in Brimstone which will be screened at the end of 2016.

Leon stayed true to his self believe and with the power of persistence and perseverance, he constantly continues to search and shape his acting craft


Leon van Waas


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