The Theatre Project | Cycle 1

Acting Class -

#‎Acting‬ Class | Cycle 1 of ‪#‎thetheatreproject‬

Starting April 4th for 4 weeks, every Monday at 7pm to 9pm.

You can take this Cycle independently or in combination with the other two.

In this Cycle you will learn how to Create a Role. We will cover the theory, the base of acting, and then we will put the theory into practice using Chekhovian scenes.
You will learn how to create the role, find objectives, overcome obstacles and unblock and manage emotions.

You will become part of our community at The Los Angeles Method. Every week we will work together on your technique in class. During the week you will get the chance to work on your visibility and presence by working on your on camera skills. I will guide you on how to create short videos. Throughout the 4 weeks we will spend together, you will create 7 videos. This way you will be able to have “evidence” of your metamorphosis and better understand your self and the way others perceive you.

The information you will receive will be useful to you, both on and off stage, as The Los Angeles Method is a combiantion of Acting and Personal Development Techniques and Behavioural Science.

The investment is 200 euros- plus 21%VAT
If you wish to arrange for a payment plan, contact me at

Show Up and Be Seen!



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