Meet the actors | Caroline Stas

Caroline Stas | Journalist

Caroline Stas is a Belgian actress, currently based in Antwerp. After having worked for fourteen years in an international hotel company, living and travelling abroad, honouring her businesswoman suits and starting to hate them more and more, she dared to jump into what had always been her real passion.

In 2006 she went to drama school in Paris ( following the Stanislavsky method of acting.

She performed in several short movies in France, before she returned to Belgium.

Last year she played in Award Winning feature movie “D’ardennen” by Robin Pront (Best Flemish Movie Magritte du Cinéma 2016 / IFF Toronto Official Selection / Les Arcs / FF Gent) and in several short movies such as “In Kwade Dagen” and “The White Beast”. She also played in TV series in France (“Boulevard du Palais”) and in Belgium and in TV movies such as “La Rupture” by Laurent Heynemann.

Today she still regularly hops on the train to play in France, Belgium and The Netherlands. ANTIGONE is her first English speaking play.

With her seven speaking passion for languages, she is orientated internationally and is very thankful to be working with a great group of international artists.

Caroline Stas Comédienne61


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