Acting & Success Workshop #thestarinyou


To be an outstanding professional you first need to be an outstanding human being.

Learn the keys to success using Acting and Personal Development Techniques.

This two day training is a great opportunity to get insight, to understand and to improve the “Roles” you play and why.

This training goes further than the standard presentation. We will work on theory, experiential exercises, performance and more.

  • Are you having trouble “nailing” these auditions?
  • Are you not comfortable when interviewing for a new position or job?
  • Do you feel awkward when you claim what is yours? Feel bad about it or not even try at all?
  • Do you sometimes feel that you are just reacting to circumstances instead of creating them?
  • Do you sabotage yourself?

Learn how to make things work out for you!


Learn how to be the STAR, writer and director

of the movie that is your life!

I am not promising you that I can teach you Acting in a two day training.

But I am promising you that I can give you the tools- and show you how to use them- so you can be an extraordinary ACTOR.

“All the world is a stage
and all the men and women
merely players…”

— Shakespeare
 For more information and to register click on the link below:

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