Meet the actors | Cristina Bolis

Cristina Bolis | Journalist   Cristina Bolis is an Italian actress based in Amsterdam. She studied Jacques Lecoq techniques at the Mulholland Academy in Amsterdam. As a physical actress she was part of  a few original performances from small independent productions such as “Putas” and “To Bio or Not to Bio” selected for the Amsterdam […]

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Meet the crew | Cintia Taylor

Cintia Taylor | Writer Cíntia Taylor has been telling stories from an early age. Trained as a journalist, she worked with world-renowned media such as BBC, France24, The Daily Beast, CBC, before turning to fiction. She has co-organised the weekly sessions of the film platform Shortcutz Amsterdam, and is currently the presenter and interviewer of the online show […]

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Meet the actors | Caroline Stas

Caroline Stas | Journalist Caroline Stas is a Belgian actress, currently based in Antwerp. After having worked for fourteen years in an international hotel company, living and travelling abroad, honouring her businesswoman suits and starting to hate them more and more, she dared to jump into what had always been her real passion. In 2006 […]

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The Theatre Project | Cycle 1

#‎Acting‬ Class | Cycle 1 of ‪#‎thetheatreproject‬ Starting April 4th for 4 weeks, every Monday at 7pm to 9pm. You can take this Cycle independently or in combination with the other two. In this Cycle you will learn how to Create a Role. We will cover the theory, the base of acting, and then we will put […]

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Meet the actors | Leon van Waas

Leon van Waas | Chorus   Leon was born in a very small village in the North of Holland where as a child he spent timeless hours reading books, and with his discovered ability of being capable to sensitively empathize, Leon visualized himself into the characters, because instinctively he had found his way to transform […]

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Meet the actors | Perikles P. Smith

Perikles P. Smith | Chorus   Perikles has worked on the Stanislavsky method with Arnica Elsedoorn at CREA International Theater. He is also a member of CureInterActors and participating in the project ‘ARTivism drives Democracy’. He enjoys very much the TVP’s group Antigone and is looking forward to the performance. His passions are economics, the […]

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Meet the actors |Vasiliki Koutrouli

Vasiliki Koutrouli | Primordial Antigone Vasiliki Koutrouli is enjoying “Antigone”, her second collaboration with the International Theatre in English after the production of “Oedipus Rex” in Amsterdam. Vasiliki is a theatre actress/performance artist from Athens/ Greece, currently based in Eindhoven/The Netherlands. She studied theatre in the University of Athens and she has followed a numerous […]

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Meet the actors | Christine Blakeley

Christine Blakeley | Chorus   Christine has appeared in many plays including Chekhov, Shakespeare, Coward, Bennett, O’Casey and British Pantomimes. Her love for the Theatre started in High School where she played, Shylock and Leontes (Shakespeare). One of the advantages of going to an all Girls School.She recently performed in two feature films and is […]

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