Creating the Costumes for “Antigone”

Acclaimed Greek costume designer, Katerina Papanikolaou, arrived from Athens to Amsterdam yesterday to have the first fitting with the cast of “Antigone” by the International Theatre in English. Katerina’s work has appeared at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles as well as most of the main stages in Greece, including the National Theatre in Greece, the […]

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Meet the crew | Stamatia Gotsi

Stamatia Gotsi | Make Up- Hair “Making people more beautiful is my passion, because at the end it all comes down to making you looking at your best and feeling great. Discover the power of your own unique beauty!” Stamatia Gotsi is a hairdresser, hair practitioner & make-up artist. She worked as a hair and make up […]

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Meet the crew | Melanja Palitta

Melanja Palitta | Choreographer- Visual Artist Melanja Palitta Sardinian by nationality and female by gender, I’m influenced by the moon and my hormonal cycle… Dancing to loud music and discovering the healthy growth of my plants brings me great happiness. I love to observe anything that catches my attention in this world and create my own perspective. My […]

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Meet the actors | Elisha Moore

Elisha Moore | Chorus- Flight Attendant Elisha Moore is an Australian performer residing since 2015 in the Netherlands. A native Melbournian, she has studied a diploma of Theatre Arts at Swinburne University as well as studied intensive courses and workshops at the Victorian College of the Arts. Elisha has combined her love of performance and […]

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Meet the actors | Simona Beltrami

Simona Beltrami | Chorus Simona Beltrami is an actor based in Amsterdam. She previously attended theater workshops from Eugenio Allegri. In 2014, she debuted in iTiE’s Oedipus Rex production.  Italian born, international by choice, she has lived and worked in 7 countries, is fluent in 5 languages and is a true believer in the power of intercultural […]

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Meet the actors | Blanche Belamide

Blanche Belamide | Chorus Blanche is excited to return to TVP-iTiE stage production of “ANTIGONE”. She also appeared in the 2015 production of “Oedipus Rex” of the same company. A former student of the College of Arts and Letters-University of Santo Tomas,Philippines, where she first got her most memorable role both as a performer(chorus) and a […]

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Meet the actors | Lisa Luca

Lisa Luca | Chorus Back in Sicily, I trained in the Theater Academy school at the age of 20, then I directed and acted in short films and worked as a video editor.  After completing my science and politics studies I started working in an advertising company- taking care of communication for noprofit. Passionate in photography and video […]

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