Acting & Success Workshop #thestarinyou

To be an outstanding professional you first need to be an outstanding human being. Learn the keys to success using Acting and Personal Development Techniques. This two day training is a great opportunity to get insight, to understand and to improve the “Roles” you play and why. This training goes further than the standard presentation. We will work on … More Acting & Success Workshop #thestarinyou

Audition Call | Awake and Sing! by TVP and iTIE

The Theodora Voutsa Productions Foundation and the International Theatre in English are very proud to announce the upcoming production of the classic play “Awake and Sing!” by Clifford Odets.   For more information on the play, the playwright, the characters and on how you can audition click on the link below:   Thank you. Looking forward to … More Audition Call | Awake and Sing! by TVP and iTIE

Gerben Tuin | Creon

Gerben Tuin is an actor, director and writer. He’s playing Jan Kramer in the German TV series Heldt. In theatre he co-starred in Hertz (Orange Tea Theatre), Romeo&Juliet and A Midsummernight’s Dream (The Dutch Factory), and the 2015 Sonnet Walks (Shakespeare’s Globe) among others. He adapted and directed Cabaret and Enrico IV (DSTG), and recently wrote and directed his own theatre play Elena (ASTV). Videos

Nancy Bishop guest of The International Theatre in English

Nancy Bishop, CSA, is an Emmy nominated American casting director based in Europe. She has cast talent on nearly one hundred projects such as Mission Impossible IV, Bourne Identity and Snowpiercer. She recently finished work on Unlocked, directed by Michael Apted and starring Michael Douglas and Orlando Bloom. Nancy was nominated for an Emmy Award … More Nancy Bishop guest of The International Theatre in English

Creating the Costumes for “Antigone”

Acclaimed Greek costume designer, Katerina Papanikolaou, arrived from Athens to Amsterdam yesterday to have the first fitting with the cast of “Antigone” by the International Theatre in English. Katerina’s work has appeared at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles as well as most of the main stages in Greece, including the National Theatre in Greece, the … More Creating the Costumes for “Antigone”