Acting & Success Workshop #thestarinyou

To be an outstanding professional you first need to be an outstanding human being. Learn the keys to success using Acting and Personal Development Techniques. This two day training is a great opportunity to get insight, to understand and to improve the “Roles” you play and why. This training goes further than the standard presentation. We will work on […]

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Acting Class | Beginners’ Level

We believe that art can be therapeutic and transform one’s life. Art can become the tool to unblock all emotions; emotions being the fuel we use to achieve our goals. Art gives us permission to be vulnerable; vulnerability being the place where all creativity takes place. Join us this February at The Los Angeles Method […]

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Identity Leadership | What I learned from Stedman Graham and Charles Ruffolo

photo by © Copyright 2008-2015, Theodora Voutsa   I was recently invited by a friend, Snezana, to attend the Symposium at the WTC in Amsterdam, organised by the NetworKing- Charles Ruffolo. The speakers: Charles Ruffolo, Stedman Graham and Joseph Oubelkas. I asked my friend what is the symposium about, and she replies “It is about you!”.  And it was about me! The title […]

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8 blogs actors should know about.

You have the power to create your reality. Stay informed on the latest news regarding your industry. You can follow large publications, but the most interesting bits are in the blogs. In The Los Angeles Method we believe that you are the writer, director and star of your own movie- your life. So if you can […]

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