Why Acting Techniques can improve your life.

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Acting is about telling a story.  Storytelling has always been essential to us.  This is how we learn.  Our spiritual leaders have always been great storytellers.  They knew life’s most sacred secrets were understood through stories, life’s great ideas were given meaning through storytelling.

Creating a story, in other words entertaining ourselves, is the “spoonful of sugar” that makes the medicine go down.  There is a message we need to receive, to understand- that is the medicine, and the story is the sugar- making it easy to digest.

A similar example is that of procreation.  We need to procreate in order to survive as a species.  Procreation is a requirement for our survival, it is also a greatly pleasurable act.  Why do you think nature made it so pleasurable and “entertaining”? How would things be if we did not enjoy doing it?  We would sit on our couch until we were at the brink of extinction, before we took action.

In the same way we need stories to make us “get off our couch” and go into action- acting.

Why is it important to know Acting Techniques? Why is it important to be involved in creative projects? When you create your goals, when you work on reprogramming these confining convictions, when you work on your personal development do it as if you were an actor creating an entertaining story.  Learn the rules of show business and show yourself to the world.  Say “This is me and here I am.”

Creativity is what connects you to you and then you to the world.

A good movie, a star actor promises you “a good time” and you agree to step out of your house, drive in the traffic, do the impossible to find parking, pay for the ticket and the pop corn, sit in  dark room with other individuals you do not know- just to be entertained?  The entertainment is just the bait, and you got hooked. Once you are there, you receive the message.  Use that for your personal development.  Promise yourself entertainment and you will find the strength, power and motivation to receive the message and make any change you wish.

Acting Techniques will teach you how to cast a line into your soul, hook your heart and pull your greater potential to the surface.




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