Meet the actors | Blanche Belamide

Blanche Belamide | Chorus

Blanche is excited to return to TVP-iTiE stage production of “ANTIGONE”.
She also appeared in the 2015 production of “Oedipus Rex” of the same company.
A former student of the College of Arts and Letters-University of Santo Tomas,Philippines, where she first got her most memorable role both as a performer(chorus) and a director of the class theater production of Euripides`s “Medea”.
She took her basic acting course from the Los Angeles Method under the tutelage of the famous Greek actress and life coach, Theodora Voutsa. A regular workshoper of Easylaughs Improvisation Comedy Theater since 2010 until the present. If she is not into perfecting her craft,you can see her twirling on the pole or swaying her hips to her hula class. Maybe you can check her around the many Amsterdam cafes all over the city. Chances are you might find her either with a book or a pen writing notes for her next National Novel Writing Month participation.




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