Antigone | A look at rehearsals…

photos by Mirko Merchiori Photography
Antigone by The International Theatre in English
Adaptation by Cintia Taylor
Music by Simone Giacomini
Choreography by Melanja Palitta
Costumes by Katerina Papanikolaou
Lights by Chico Wadilie

March 11 and 12, 2016 at Compagnietheater Amsterdam
Caroline Bech, Lolu Ajayi, Simona Beltrami, Chandler Bullock, Blanche Belamide, Christine Blakeley, Francis Cox, Hale Ceylan, Anna Divani, Laurens De Groot, Imra Dincer, Muge Ergecen, Vasiliki Koutrouli, Murat Gur, Serkan Kaba, Ken Kitchen, Lisa Luca, Elisha Moore, Amelie Onzon, Brian Pagan, Perikles Panagouleas, Leon Van Waas, Eleftheria Vakaki, Martha Van Der Bly, Mike Wijdenbosch, Caroline Stas, Christine Bolis.
Special appearances by: Saskia Houttin, Sophie van Leeuwen
Guest Starring Adrian Brine as Tiresias
Translation: Theodora Voutsa, Adaptation: Cintia Taylor and Theodora Voutsa, Original Work and Dialogue by Cintia Taylor, Music: Simone Giacomini, Choreography: Melanja Palitta, Lights: Chico Wadilie, Costumes: Katerina Papanikolaou, Executive Producer: Greta Oros, Stage Manager: Despoina Kairi, Production Administrator: Despoina Moisiadou, Assistant to the Production: Kyra Pyromali, Chiara Greniero, Hester Bruikman, Assistant to costume designer: Olga Papadima

Directed by Theodora Voutsa



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