Acting Masterclass | Level 2_Scene Work

acting_level2_sept (2)

It is time to let the world know

This is ME and HERE I AM!

In this 10 week Acting Masterclass you will work on Scenes from classical and contemporary plays.

Whether you are a professional actor, a theatre lover or you just want to be involved in Acting for your own enjoyment this is the benefit you will get, for a lifetime!!

You will discover your heart and you will BE SEEN; by yourself first of all and then by others.

You will be CREATIVE – which means that there will be no problem unsolved for you.

You will be MEMORABLE and most of all you will learn to be TRUE and AUTHENTIC.

Consider this a gym for your soul and spirit.

You are welcome to join if you are a beginner, a professional, an entrepreneur looking to improve their connection and creative skills, an individual looking to do something beneficial for themselves.

Raise your level of vibration and find out the way to write, direct and star in the movie that is your LIFE!

Prerequisite to join the Acting Masterclass Level 2 | Scene Work:

  • To have taken any workshop or class by THE LOS ANGELES METHOD.
  • If you have not and you still want to participate, please contact us at


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